Senior Back End Developer (PHP)

Technology Department | Permanent Position | fulltime | 6+ years of experience

About the role

Internal Job # OMC00003 You are an expert in several back-end technologies, you know the advantages and drawbacks when selecting any of them and pick the best one for a specific requirement. You are the back-end development go-to person for those core features or hard to find issues in any project. Your expertise will be sought in requirement assessments, technical implementation, best practices development and code reviews. You are always learning new back-end technologies trends and best practices, finding different but optimal ways of doing things, and passing that knowledge to the other developers in the team.


  • Architect, design and develop the back-end architecture, service tier and data tier components for applications
  • Build robust solutions on the back-end side and understand how to support and maintain them once they’re live
  • Provide accurate time estimates for new projects or features
  • Create technical docs for projects
  • Defend the technical architecture of the projects
  • Perform code reviews and propose solutions
  • Work closely with other teams like Front-end, Mobile, Design, UX, QA and other internal and external Tech teams to ensure solutions and products meet client expectations
  • Learn and apply new technologies and determine their advantages and drawbacks
  • Confident in your knowledge and skills

Required skills

  • 6+ years of experience in software and web development in back-end technologies, preferably with PHP language
  • 3+ years of experience with PHP language and MVC frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, or any other.
  • 3+ years of experience developing solutions with open-source CMS like Wordpress or Drupal
  • Strong object-oriented programming skills
  • Ability to jump into a new technology and apply your best development practices and architectural design experience to start producing high-quality apps quickly
  • Strong debugging abilities – you have the skills and know-how to use the tools to solve coding problems
  • An advocate for the development of high-quality, maintainable code who understand best practices and design patterns
  • Very good practices in Security standards
  • Experience configuring and using portable development environment tools like Vagrant or Docker
  • Advanced experience with version control software like GIT and use of best git methodologies
  • Experience building and defining architecture for RESTful APIs
  • Experience integrating 3rd party APIs with custom back-end solutions or open-source CMS (Wordpress, Drupal)
  • Experience with web server configuration in LAMP or LERPP stacks
  • Advanced experience with SQL databases like MySQL, Postgres or MariaDB
  • Preferred: Experience with configuration of Cloud Hosting environments like AWS, Digital Ocean or Rackspace.
  • Preferred: Experience with Open-source CMS managed Cloud Hosting like Acquia, WPEngine, Pantheon,
  • Preferred: Advance experience configuring Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins, Circle CI, TeamCity or any 3rd party tool
  • Preferred: Experience developing Unit Testing or Integration testing in a project
  • Preferred: Experience developing Web Sockets, Microservices or GraphQL endpoints
  • Preferred: Experience with NoSQL database engines like MongoDB, Redis or other
  • Preferred: Experience with NodeJS back-end development through any framework

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