Intermediate Front-End Developer

Technology Department | Permanent Position | fulltime | 3+ years of experience

About the role

As a Front-End Developer, you’ve got solid skills with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, which means you’re good to go when it comes to developing innovative features for responsive websites.


-    Rapid prototyping with code, using modern front-end frameworks and a digital pattern library.
-    Deliver solutions balancing technical and business requirements. Experience has taught you what works. Your history in the game helps you choose the best mix of proven and cutting-edge technology.
-    Interacting with project teams to understand business and user requirements.
-    Maintaining high coding standards and practices and exercise quality control on all aspects of web development.
-    Problem-solving in all areas of web development. 

Required skills

-    3-5 years of demonstrated professional working experience hand-coding advanced HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

-    Package manager and automation tool experience. Eg. npm & gulp.

-    Demonstrated understanding of Responsive Web Design principles.

-    Experience with CSS pre-processors, such as SASS.

-    Experience using Git.

-    Experience working with a headless CMS.

-    Experience working with XML files.

-    Experience developing high traffic, consumer facing applications.

-    Experience diagnosing and solving cross-browser/cross-platform issues.

-    Experience working with cross-functional teams.

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