Marketing Science Analyst (Adobe Analytics / Onmiture)

Technology Department | Permanent Position | fulltime | 2+ years of Experience


The primary role of an analyst is to support the day-to-day work with supervision from a manager. This requires solid contribution to at least two (2) of the five (5) sub-disciplines (tracking and measurement, data visualization, testing and evaluation, data integration and statistical modeling.) This position should have an understanding of how at least one of the other sub-disciplines fits into clients’ business and should continue to learn and develop in the other areas. The analyst will work closely with a manager that will have more experience to train him/her on daily work responsibilities, teach project delivery, and explain other sub-disciplines in Marketing Science.


  • Constant curiosity for what the data means and where it fits into the clients’ business
  • Well organized approach to a variety of project work
  • Detailed-oriented work style
  • Strong time management skills to ensure accurate delivery
  • Good communication skills with Marketing Science team members as well as across other disciplines
  • Logical approach to analysis process that demonstrates how data lead to conclusions
  • Consistent drive for collaboration with others to provide support, share skills, and learn more


  • Experience with Adobe Analytics strongly preferred:

o Report generation (Site Catalyst, Report Builder, AdHoc/Discover/Workspace)

o Data analysis, elaboration of insights and customer-friendly reports

o Tagging strategy and elaboration of tagging documentation

  • Google Analytics experience considered.
  • Self sufficient and excellent english communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail, organizational skills, and time management is key
  • Top notch communication and collaboration skills are also key to success in the analyst role
  • Expectations Management: a successful analyst will communicate quickly and accurately about delivery and delay, and follow up
  • Intellectual Curiosity: analyst should ask the next question, and understand where our work fits in the big picture
  • Logical Approach: cut a path that others can follow, and make sure your conclusions follow your evidence
  • Skills Enhancement & Sharing: Keep learning, offer support, grow your comfort zone, and help the team grow and learn

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